Terracotta Tiled Floor Cleaned in Edinburgh

This Terracotta Tiled Floor in the lounge of a house in Edinburgh was ingrained with dirt from what must have been years of use since it was last given a thorough deep clean and seal.

Terracotta Floor Tiles Edinburgh Before Cleaning

Cleaning Terracotta Tile and Grout

This floor was very dirty so to get them clean a strong dilution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean was applied and left to soak into the pores in the Terracotta for a good while. More Pro-Clean was applied and then worked into the tiles using a rotary bonnet machine fitted with a black scrubbing pad. This action saw the dirt coming out of the floor and it was rinsed away with water using a wet vacuum to extract the soil.

The process was repeated three times before the Terracotta tiles were clean; we also used a stiff grout brush along the grout lines during this process and then at the end the floor was given a good rinse down with more water again a wet vacuum was used to extract the water and get the floor as dry as possible.

Terracotta Floor Tiles Edinburgh After Cleaning

Sealing Terracotta Tiles

The photograph above shows the floor after cleaning as on this occasion and despite being advised against it the client didn’t want the floor sealed so we gave the floor a final wipe with Tile Doctor Neutral Cleaner with cloths to leave a clean finish. Terracotta is a very porous material and so it’s highly recommended that you seal it, leaving it un-sealed will soon see dirt becoming ingrained into the pores of the tile and once there it’s very difficult to remove without going through the deep cleaning process above.

When sealing Terracotta I would recommend Tile Doctor Seal and Go which gives the floor a nice sheen, if you prefer a more natural look however then choose Colour Grow which has the additional benefit of bringing out the natural colours in the tile.

Terracotta Tiled Floor Deep Cleaned in Edinburgh

Marble Tiled Kitchen and Hallway Cleaned and Polished in Edinburgh

Details below of a Marble Tiled floor installed in the hallway and kitchen of a house in Edinburgh. The tiles were in good physical shape but had lost their polished appearance over time resulting in a dull un-appealing finish. This is not unusual for polished stone especially in high traffic areas such as hallways and kitchens.

Polished Marble Kitchen Edinburgh Before

Cleaning Marble Floor Tile and Grout

Our first job was to give the floor a general clean to remove grime and dirt especially along the grout lines. This was done by applying a strong dilution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean which is left to dwell on the floor before being scrubbed in, Pro-Clean is an alkaline cleaner so it’s safe to use on tile and stone unlike acidic cleaners which can damage the surface of the stone over time. The now dirty cleaning solution was removed using a wet vacuum and the floor given a rinse using water.

Marble Tiled Floor Polishing

The next step was to burnish the Marble which is a process that removes ingrained dirt and brings up the polish on the tile. The process involves the application of four diamond pads in sequence; you start with the coarse pad together with a little water and this cuts through and removes surface grime and any surface seal. You then progress through the other finer pads one by one until you get to the final polishing pad which provides a high polish.

Polished Marble Kitchen Edinburgh After

When the Burnishing process was completed Tile doctor Shine powder which is a crystallising powder is worked into the floor using a bonnet machine fitted with a buffing pad and a little water; it adds an extra level of deep shine to the marble floor giving it that extra wow factor together with a tough durable finish.

Polished Marble Hallway Edinburgh After


Cleaning and Polishing a Marble Tiled floor in Edinburgh